I’m not sure if I’ve told y’all yet but I’ve got a boy living with me 😉 lol no its not like that. Not even a week before Christmas this guy I know got kicked out of his house because his father didn’t feel the need to have him living at his house, had nowhere to go. I’ve known him my whole life, he’s probably the closest thing I have to a brother. At first I didn’t like the idea because I’ve never lived with a boy before *minus my father* I’m not sure how to act in my own house. But id rather be a little uncomfurtable for a little while than for him to not have a place to go. So its been almost 2 or 3 weeks now, he has a gf so he’s out almost everynight, and I’m fine with that but I almost feel like I have to stay up for him…so everynight I’m up til midnight for him,then we talk bout stuff for awhile like I just got in bed and its 1:26. But earlyer today before he left he told me if I have a boy over just put a sock on the door, as soon as he left I put a sock with “:)” on it lol, when he got home he just grinned and tossed it at me. I’ve noticed he’s very neat&clean, something I try to be but I am not in reality. He’s 22, finished high school, has a decent job, and gets passionate about his sports. I think I’m mostly typing this because I don’t want to go to sleep just yet even tho I should, lol. But that is my summary on Sam so far.


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