3 comments on “Im a horrible person *sigh*

  1. I think you are lucky… Lucky to be enjoying at least one of your classes (I don’t enjoy mine) lucky to be seeing somebody (I can barely get out), and lucky to at least have an iphone.

  2. but i’m majoring in marketing, so thats a lot of stress and presentations (I guess thats to be expected). I’m only in it for the money tho and am trying to graduate soon, so that was my only choice.

  3. Oh yes, im mostly complaining about the lack of free time i really get to have. Other than that im lucky and i know it. With the schedual ive had the past couple of weeks i havnt been able to see him :/ but to be honest id rather have an A in a class than to have a boy and fail. What are you going for, if i may ask?

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